Let’s Settle This: Mac VS PC

I see this debate everywhere. Gaming threads, Engadget, the awesome 4chan forums, your neighbor and even you have probably thought of it.

Now, I’ve been using both PC and Mac for many years now so I find myself to be an unbiased and credible source when it comes to this debate. To prove it, let’s list the computer’s I’ve owned in chronological order:

Macintosh 6200CD
Windows ME Pentium 2 Compaq Presario
Windows XP Pentium 4 Self Built
Apple iBook
Mac G3
Windows Vista Core 2 Duo Self Built
Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo
Windows 7 Q9550 Quad Self Built

So let the comparisons begin.

Today, I use Snow Leopard and Windows 7 at work and home every single day. I work at a printing/graphic design firm, and because of this, I will prefer a Mac in this setting any day. Why?

For one, using a Mac in any Adobe program is awesome. I do use Adobe Products on both but prefer it on a Mac for the sheer simplicity that the Mac OS does for you. One of the biggest reasons why this is is because of the Spotlight Help feature. If you need to find a tool quickly, type it in there, and it’ll point you right to it. Easy peasy.

But the biggest reason why we use Macs is because of a lesser chance of getting a virus. Viruses in the workplace is a big downer and has potential of bringing down all your files with it. When you’re working with thousands of artwork files and a virus corrupts all of them, your going to have to spend a lot of time and money to recover them all. Yes, it CAN happen on a Mac, but the chances are slimmer.

As for the PC:

I use it for gaming and customizing. Sheer powerhouse computers.

Windows is the gamer’s computer, by far. I love gaming and that’s what I use it for. But I have a design story to go along with this…

I had Adobe CS installed on my old Pentium 4 and working for a client, I was required to produce a logo for him, a visual identity package including #10 envelopes, custom letterhead, matching business cards for each worker, several tri-fold brochures and a 9″ x 12″ envelope were in queue to be produced. A very elaborate project. I was excited. As I started working on this, I didn’t realize that I had a virus on my computer and it was embedding themselves into my save files for .AI, .PSD, .PDF, as well as a host of other types. I’m not sure what happened but the artwork infected some computers at the business when I sent them over, and I had to reformat because the anti-virus didn’t know what to do with it and I was also left with one disgruntled customer.

After that, I work on Mac’s and play on PC’s.

And for those of you who think Mac’s are overpriced, the OS Experience is worth it to many people. You might be clever enough to setup a home network through Windows Vista, but Joe Plumber might not know how to do it and the extra few bones he has to spend might be worth it to him to save the headache.

Remember, not everyone is super x-core computer gamer system builder like we are. Companies cater to their audience.

So who wants to game some WoW?

Or who wants to print all of their custom envelopes. We do everything from custom envelopes to commercial printing which does make us your one-stop shop for all of you online printing needs. PurpleMonkeyPrinting.com. Use us.

From the Deathecus Realm PvP Server,


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