Graphic Design Resource: 2 Pocket and 1 Pocket Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders, I believe, often go overlooked by many businesses out there for their stationery designs. Even though your customers will enjoy that they’re getting professionally printed letterheads and business cards in your professionally printed envelopes, but for your catalogs, brochures, sales packets, etc. What do you present those in?

Well, that’s why they call them presentation folders and that is their purpose. It’s always nice to hand a collaboration of all of your business materials right in one folder to a client/employee. That’s really it.

Presentation folders are apart of a visual identity. But most people don’t really know where to start on designing one because they don’t have the proper template. You could probably make your own and specify the die cuts, but I will supply the templates you need to get the ball rolling:

Presentation Folder 2 Pocket 9″x12″ Template
Presentation Folder 1 Pocket 9″x12″ Template

Remember, that this is one aspect in a visual identity that get’s overlooked when people are hired to create one. So take these templates, and create something stellar.

Then when you’re done, you can submit your artwork and have it printed online at We’ll also print whole identities on your custom envelopes, bleeding letterhead, and business card. Do it to it.

Your friend,

PS. Vikings vs. Saints this weekend. Go Vikes!


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