Graphic Design Lesson: #9 Remittance Envelopes

Now, you might be thinking, “What the heck is a remittance envelopes?”. They’re those envelopes in the mail that have a HUGE flap that you can write information on the inside and then just simply send it back when the customer fills one out.

What they are mainly used for is when a company or organization is seeking a donation or just sending an order form. They have a pocket big enough for cash and checks as well as a spot to write in their credit card information. They are a great way to get a response back from customers/people/whomever. So this brings up an idea. If you’re looking for a response from a customer, why not go with a #9 remittance envelope.

If you’re simply just looking for donation, selling a product, or even trying to get people interested in a service your offering and need a response from them, try a remit envelopes. With the convenience of the remit envelope, it gives your customer all the materials they need (minus a writing instrument) on just one sheet of paper.

But I do see a large down fall when it comes to remit envelopes….

Since people write their credit card information or insert a check into them, a lot of companies fail to make if see through proof by putting some sort of tint design on them. It’s up to the designer to make sure that the security of the information of this information isn’t stolen by anyone so I suggest you consider using tints in your design.

I think that covers it. If you’ve got some other tips, questions, answers, and whatever? Just comment on the bottom.

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