Graphic Design Resource: Custom Letterheads

Custom printed letterhead
Letterheads are used by every company out there. It’s a professional way to send out a business letter to your client. Now because existing or possible customers will be seeing this, it’s important to keep it very unique and professional. If it is one thing that goes over looked throughout the whole business stationery design set, it’s the letterhead.

People do not take into account that the letterhead needs a lot of breathing space for the actually part of where people will be typing. Always make sure you design things around that people will roughly be writing 5 – 7 paragraphs at most.

You can choose to put the logo and information on the top or bottom of the letterhead. If you do choose to put both on either side, always make sure you’re only taking up, AT THE MOST, 2 inches. Anything bigger than that will look visually unbalanced and gives your writer less space to write.

Now if you choose to bleed your letterhead, make sure to grab the template supplies (located at the bottom of this article). With the template, it gives you all the trim and bleed marks, as well as safe zones for the text. Read up on bleeds and trim marks on a past article we wrote, here.

Here is the correct template:
Letterhead 8.5″ x 11″ Template

Heed this advice. If you think you’ve got some tips, post them in our comments section! Yay!

Vun Vun


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